Domestic Violence & Child Abuse Prevention

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Interface’s Family Violence Intervention Services department provides comprehensive family violence programming that aims to prevent, interrupt and end the cycle of violence within family systems.

Crisis Response

24/7 assistance including: crisis counseling, safety planning, referrals, linkage to safe shelter, restraining orders and immediate in-person response to calls from law enforcement and medical providers.

Support Groups

Safe and supportive weekly groups for women who have been impacted by domestic violence.

Safe Have Emergency Shelter

A 30-day, confidential shelter for victims fleeing domestic violence.  Services offered include:  safe shelter, food, clothing, case management, counseling, legal and social service advocacy and other supports tailored to each person’s individual needs.  Safe Haven is a pet friendly shelter.

Safe Journey Transitional Shelter

Safe, longer-term shelter which includes case management, counseling and additional services to support each participant through their healing process. The program promotes safety, personal growth and self-sufficiency.

Preventing Family Violence

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention “My Body Belongs to Me”

A personal safety/child abuse prevention program, My Body Belongs to Me, is for children from preschool through 6th grade and their families. The program works to educate and empower children in a non-threatening way, so that they may be better equipped to avoid abuse. This safety program teaches children how to respond to potentially dangerous people and situations. The program is offered to schools, day-care centers and other child care and youth facilities free of charge. To learn more about the My Body Belongs to Me Program call (805) 485-6114 ext. 691.

Teen Dating Violence Prevention

The Teen Dating Violence Prevention Program provides school-based prevention programming to high school students throughout Ventura County. The program includes three, one-hour presentations which are provided over the course of one semester. Presentation topics include discussions on the various forms of dating violence, including emotional, verbal, digital, and physical abuse, and encourages teens to develop healthy communication skills and relationships. For more information or to schedule a presentation please call (805) 485-6114 ext. 691.

> Interface’s Teen Dating Violence Prevention Website

> Click here to view the schools Interface is currently providing these programs.

Community Awareness & Outreach

Community awareness and outreach are provided through presentations, informational booths and resources free of charge on topics related to family violence prevention. Our outreach staff and volunteers speak at schools/universities, faith centers, places of employment, medical facilities, law enforcement agencies, health fairs and community events.

The following presentations are available:

  • Domestic Violence 101
  • Effects of Domestic Violence on Children
  • Domestic Violence and the Work Place
  • Domestic Violence for Health Care Practitioners

Call (805) 485-6114, ext. 652 for more information or to schedule a presentation.

Interface Children & Family Services provides programs and in-person emergency response for victims of domestic violence. Sometimes clients have nothing more than their person.  Care Bags ensure that survivors’ immediate, concrete needs are met as well as provide dignity as they begin to re- build their lives. View our full list of in-kind needs here. 

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