What is Human Trafficking

Recognizing human/sex trafficking versus normal relationships can be difficult

Human trafficking is a form of modern day slavery– a multi-billion dollar criminal  industry that denies freedom to 20.9 million people around the world including the United States. All trafficking victims share one essential experience–their loss of freedom.*

*Source: Polaris Project

Interface’s Human Trafficking Program Brochure

Interface Children & Family Services provides programs and in-person emergency response for victims of human trafficking. Sometimes clients have nothing more than their person.  Care Bags ensure that survivors’ immediate, concrete needs are met as well as provide dignity as they begin to re-build their lives. View our full list of in-kind needs here. 

 How Interface Helps:

Since beginning this program in 2016, Interface has helped 80 human trafficking survivors in our community by providing:

Immediate, in-person response is available when requested by law enforcement or medical providers, to emotionally support adult survivors of sex and/or labor trafficking (both U.S. born and foreign nationals). The advocates assess for basic and immediate needs, provide referrals and linkage to supportive services, inform survivors of their rights and discuss options for safely exiting their trafficking situation.

In-person support and advocacy to help each survivor establish safety, work towards healing from their trauma and achieving self-sufficiency.

A trauma-informed, and confidential shelter for adult survivors of trafficking.  Survivors are provided a safe and supportive residential setting to begin healing from their trauma and working towards reclaiming their independence.

Training and technical assistance is available for medical professionals, law enforcement, hospitality providers, and other community agencies. Training aids with the identification and implementation of best practices for screening and responding to adult victims of sex and labor trafficking. To request a presentation for your organization call: (805) 485-6114 ext. 659.

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RECOGNIZE THE SIGNS OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING: Identifying Victims of Human Trafficking Fact Sheet

Where to Find Help for Human Trafficking Victims and Survivors


Human trafficking hotline in Ventura County

Interface’s 24/7 Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-800-636-6738
Confidential support is available to adult victims and survivors of sex and labor trafficking, concerned loved ones, community members and service providers.


National human trafficking hotline

National 24/7 Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-888-373-7888
help@humantraffickinghotline.org | www.humantraffickinghotline.org

National human trafficking text hotline

Polaris BeFree Textline Text  – “BeFree” (233733)
Monday-Sunday from 3-11pm EST
Confidential crisis assistance, support, referrals, tip reporting, and general information about human trafficking through SMS text message.

For more information about any of these services or to reach an advocate, call 1‑800‑636‑6738.

What is human trafficking in Ventura County?

Human trafficking can happen to anyone no matter race, age, or gender

Human trafficking is happening everywhere, even Ventura County

Human trafficking is happening in the United States

Human trafficking is a highly profitable crime

Human trafficking is not the movement of someone across a border

What is human trafficking in Ventura County and the world?

There are different types of human trafficking, sex and labor trafficking

Sex trafficking victims are manipulated and threatened to engage in sex acts for money

Labor trafficking victims forced and coerced to work for little to no pay

Domestic servitude is another form of labor trafficking