Human Trafficking

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What is human trafficking?

Human trafficking is a form of modern day slavery– a multi-billion dollar criminal  industry that denies freedom to 20.9 million people around the world including the United States. All trafficking victims share one essential experience–their loss of freedom.

How Interface Can Help: 1-800-636-6738

Crisis Response:

  • Immediate, in-person response is available when requested by law enforcement or medical providers, to emotionally support adult survivors of sex and/or labor trafficking (both U.S. born and foreign nationals). The advocates assess for basic and immediate needs, provide referrals and linkage to supportive services, inform survivors of their rights and discuss options for safely exiting their trafficking situation.  

Community Based Advocacy:

  • In-person support and advocacy to help each survivor establish safety, work towards healing from their trauma and achieving self-sufficiency.

Emergency Shelter:

  • A trauma-informed, and confidential shelter for adult survivors of trafficking.  Survivors are provided a safe and supportive residential setting to begin healing from their trauma and working towards reclaiming their independence.

Training and Outreach:

  • Training and technical assistance is available for medical professionals, law enforcement, hospitality providers, and other community agencies. Training aids with the identification and implementation of best practices for screening and responding to adult victims of sex and labor trafficking. To request a presentation for your organization call: (805) 485-6114 ext. 659.

Interface’s Human Trafficking Program Brochure

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RECOGNIZE THE SIGNS OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING: Identifying Victims of Human Trafficking Fact Sheet

Upcoming Human Trafficking Events

February 21: Break the Chain Film Screening

Hosted by: Stop Human Trafficking Ventura County, Coalition for Family Harmony, Interface Children & Family Services, The Acorn Project & Museum of Ventura County

Click here to reserve your tickets for a free screening of Break the Chain with filmmaker, Laura Swanson. This award-winning feature-length documentary film addresses the often “hidden-in-plain-sight” issue of Human Trafficking in the United States. The film chronicles two survivors of Human Trafficking along with nearly 20 interviews with researchers, Senators, non-profit organizations, legal service agencies, law enforcement officers and several artists actively working to raise awareness for this global issue. Here, in Ventura County, we are far from immune. Come learn how Ventura County is impacted by our position along the 101 corridor and what you can do to support victims of human trafficking in our own backyard. 

March 8: STOP Human Trafficking and Sexual Slavery

Hosted by: SOROPTOMIST ITNERNATIONAL of Oxnard, Ventura, Fillmore, Camarillo and The Conejo Valley 

Don’t think this happens in your community? Think again! Join us, become informed, and share this powerful message! Featuring Interface’s Human Trafficking Client Services Program Manager Christan Perez. Click here for more information.

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