Why Interface?:

  • Our community has the highest rate of reported domestic violence in California (60,000+ residents)

  • In 2018, more than 500 youth in our community met the federal definition of homelessness

  • 1 in 4 women and their children will experience family violence at home

  • Situated between major trafficking hubs Los Angeles and San Francisco, the U.S. 101 freeway through Ventura County serves as a corridor for human trafficking activities along the central coast

This does not have to happen . . . Be part of the solution

Established in 1973, Interface Children & Family Services is the region’s most comprehensive nonprofit social services agency providing direct, responsive, wrap-around services to address the complex needs of client and community.

As a critical safety net for children and families, Interface provides 30 distinct programs across seven core program areas including mental health and trauma treatmentdomestic violence and child abuse preventionyouth crisis & homelessnesshuman trafficking prevention & interventionjustice services, and 211 information and assistance in 39 California counties.

Today, Interface serves tens of thousands of local individuals annually, assists 150,000+ callers through the 211 call center across the state, and continues to earn the respect of individuals, businesses, and foundations, which provide grants, donations, and in-kind services to ensure that the work of Interface is sustained.

Interface works collaboratively with many other service providers. We are the only agency with a presence in all existing, formalized “under one roof” facilities across Ventura County. With collaboration, Interface best provides family support, domestic violence intervention, outreach and youth activities, as well as prevention and counseling within economically challenged communities. To establish a foundation of violence prevention and mental health, Interface embeds five family strengthening objectives into its programs:

  • Help parents develop resiliency
  • Help families develop a support system
  • Help families secure practical help when they need it
  • Teach parents how to raise healthy children
  • Help children to develop socially and emotionally

Interface’s mission…

Strengthening children, families, individuals, and communities to be safe, healthy, and thriving through comprehensive social services.

Interface as a Community Innovator…

  • First domestic violence shelter in our region
  • First local runaway & homeless youth shelters
  • First 211 Information and Assistance Program in California
  • First to lead coordinated response and shelter for adult victims of human trafficking
  • Only domestic violence shelter to protect family pets

Interface’s vision…

A nationally recognized family support organization that builds upon the strengths of individuals, families, and communities through effective, accessible, fully integrated services and partnerships.

Interface’s values…

The following shared core values will guide Interface’s staff, volunteers, and Board of Directors:

Integrity. Acting with principle, honesty, and authenticity in everything we do.

Equity. Uplifting all voices, celebrating diversity, and seeking opportunities and systems that promote justice.

Quality. Pursuing highly effective and innovative services that positively impact communities.

Compassion. Responding to all with caring services that support and encourage.

Respect. Honoring the dignity of every human being and treating others with the highest professional regard.

Community. Collaborating with friends, families, and communities to jointly build responsive systems of care.