Ways to Give

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Gifts of Cash

  • Currency: For security reasons, we do not recommend sending cash through the mail. If you prefer to make a donation in cash please deliver it to our offices at: 4001 Mission Oaks Blvd, Suite I, Camarillo, CA 93012. Money orders are preferred over cash. A receipt will be given at the time the cash/money order gift is delivered.
  • Check: Writing a check is the most popular method of giving to Interface. Please be sure to indicate in the check memo how you would like your check used. It will help us if you complete and print the donation form and mail it with your check payable to Interface Children & Family Services to the address above (use your browser’s print function).
  • Credit Card/Wire Transfer: You may make a gift by credit card online using our secure server – click here to get started – or you may make a gift by credit card or wire transfer by calling the Development Office at 805-485-6114, x 641 during the hours of 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. PST.

Gifts of Publicly Traded Securities

A gift of securities registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and bought and sold on a periodic basis through a recognized stock exchange or association of brokers is usually considered complete when the security is transferred to a securities firm brokerage account designated by the organization. Contributors are advised to consult competent independent legal and tax advisers of their choice as to whether selling appreciated securities and gifting the proceeds may not preserve the advantage of eliminating the capital gains tax. The value of the gift for income tax deduction purposes shall be deemed to be the average of the high and low values of the security on the date of the gift. Unless specifically instructed by the contributor at the time of the gift, and agreed upon by the organization, publicly traded securities will be liquidated as soon as possible after receipt to prevent potential loss to the organization.

Gifts of Closely Held or Restricted Securities

Donations of closely held securities to the organization shall be reviewed by the Interface Administration and Finance Committee, who will determine acceptance or declination. The Committee will accept or decline the gift based on its determination of the value and marketability of the stock. Valuation of closely held securities may be difficult due to infrequent trading. If a donation of closely held stock is being considered, IRS Publication 561 should be followed in valuing this type of security. In some cases (e.g. if the estimated to be $5,000 or more) the donor may be asked to provide an appraisal report prepared by a qualified appraiser.

The transfer agent will require a tax identification number. If you would like to pursue this option, please notify Fund Development & Marketing Director, Catherine Kort, 805-485-6114, x 641 or ckort@icfs.org. You should always consult your legal or tax counsel on the deductibility of your charitable contributions.

Important Considerations When Giving Securities

Gifts of Real Estate

Outright gifts of real property to the organization shall be reviewed and evaluated by the Advisory Council using a specially designed checklist. Generally, real estate gifts shall be considered for immediate resale. Gifts of real estate that are not sold immediately must show potential for future appreciation and be “management free.” The Advisory Council shall submit its recommendation for approval or declination of the gift to the Board of Directors. The Board shall accept or decline the gift by majority vote. There are many considerations that affect the acceptance or declination of gifts of real property and each case will be considered individually. All proposed gifts of real estate will require a qualified appraisal before completion of the gift. A list of what must be included in the appraisal is available from the Interface development office.

Gifts of Tangible Personal Property

A gift of personal property includes equipment, inventory, books, works of art, or other tangible property. These in-kind gifts will be used to benefit the programs of Interface as designated by the donor. Acceptance of the gift is based on whether Interface can use the gift in carrying out its mission and authority to accept gifts of tangible personal property rests with the Executive Director. Consideration will be given to the cost of accepting and maintaining the gift as well as costs associated with potential re-sale of the gift. Depending upon the donor’s tax circumstances, a charitable deduction may be claimed if the gift is accepted for Interface’s exempt purposes. If a donor is going to claim a deduction of more than $5,000, the IRS Form 8283 is required. In addition, for gifts valued at $5,000 or more, the donor is required to obtain an appraisal from a qualified appraiser to assure proper tax deductibility.

If you are interested in pursuing this type of gift, or have any questions about the information provided for you above, please contact our Fund Development & Marketing Director, Catherine Kort, 805-485-6114 x 641, or ckort@icfs.org.

Gifts of Personal Necessities

Interface Children & Family Services provides programs and in-person emergency response to victims of domestic violence, human trafficking, and youth in crisis. Sometimes clients have nothing more than their person.  Care Bags ensure that survivors’ immediate, concrete needs are met as well as provide dignity as they begin to re- build their lives. View our full list of in-kind needs here. 

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