My Body Belongs to Me!

Child Personal Safety education for your School!



The 60-minute presentation includes a parental preview of the children’s presentation, followed by an educational workshop for parents and caregivers. Child personal safety topics include:

  • Preview of Children’s Presentation
  • Child Abuse Awareness
  • Tips to help Parents Prevent and Protect
  • How to Recognize Possible Risky or Inappropriate Behaviors
  • Practice Personal Safety with Children
  • Developmental Appropriate Behaviors of Children
  • How to Recognize Possible Signs of Abuse
  • Safe Responses to Child Abuse Disclosures
  • Local Help and Resources


The 60-minute presentation introduces the program overview, while providing awareness and training for educators. Topics include:

  • Child Sexual Abuse Awareness and Prevalence
  • Strategies on how to Prevent Abuse
  • Developmental Behaviors of Children
  • Sexual Behaviors in Children
  • Techniques for Effective Responses to Child Sexual Behavior
  • How to Recognize Possible Signs of Abuse
  • Refresher Piece on CA Mandated Reporting
  • Local Help and Resources


The 30 to 45-minute classroom lesson focuses on engaging children through an interactive-learning approach, as they are taught that their body belongs to them and how to recognize and respond to NOT OK touches. Children can learn and practice when and how to say:


Our goal is to empower children as we teach them personal boundaries and ways they can seek help if they should encounter a dangerous person or situation. These are skills that help to prevent bullying, harassment and child sexual abuse, in a non-threatening manner. The curriculum has been updated to age-appropriate workshops that are tailored to fit the students’ social and developmental ability:

  • Preschool – 3rd Grade
  • 4th – 6th Grade