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Every February, community members raise awareness about teen dating violence during #TeenDatingViolencePreventionMonth. Join Interface and me in raising awareness by sharing these facts surrounding teen dating violence! For more resources, visit

Has your teen participated in one of Interface’s Teen Dating Violence Awareness workshops? Ask your children’s school to participate and share this information to spread awareness about #TeenDatingViolencePreventionMonth

February is #TeenDatingViolencePreventionMonth! Share the differences between a healthy relationship and an abusive one with your teen. You can find resources for parents and teens from Interface on their website here:

#TeenDatingViolencePreventionMonth aims to bring awareness about the facts surrounding teen dating. For example, did you know that 33% of teens experience some form of dating abuse? Visit Interface’s Teen Dating page for resources on talking to your teen about healthy relationships.

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