For his birthday this year, Interface supporter Levi Gelineau asked his friends to donate to Interface through a Facebook Fundraiser, raising over $1,400! We asked Levi about choosing Interface as his charity of choice on his special day.

Levi Gelineau with his family.

Interface: What was it about your birthday this year that inspired you to raise funds for a nonprofit? 

Levi Gelineau: I knew that Facebook makes it very easy to do a fundraiser, and takes NO cut from the funds, so it was a goal of mine to give it a try. Then, the events occurring after the killing of George Floyd were unfolding quickly over the weekend of my birthday (June 1st), so I wanted to raise awareness for an organization that takes efforts to raise up those who need help and bring equity to our communities  

Interface: There are so many great organizations out there… why did you choose Interface?

Gelineau: I have admired and supported Interface for many years, I know that the mission is passionately held by the leadership and entire staff. Interface helps people in such desperate and heartbreaking situations. I want to keep seeing Interface grow their impact in our county and our state. 

Interface: What were one or two of your favorite responses to your fundraising effort? 

Gelineau: I had about 2 dozen participants, but, one person donated almost half of the total I raised! I was so surprised by that number and very thankful. These Facebook fundraisers are interesting, because they capture “gift” amounts that probably would not have been given to me in other forms. For example, I got $40 from someone I haven’t seen in person in over 6 years! And the person who gave the $600 gift was definitely not planning on purchasing me a gift of the same value! 

Interface: You raised over $1,400! That’s amazing! Are you surprised by that response? 

Gelineau: I was definitely surprised at the total, but I think there were lots of people looking to help at the time due to the political and social upheaval, and my fundraiser was a good outlet. 

Thank you, Levi Gelineau and others for supporting Interface programs on your special day! Do you have a birthday coming up? Support Interface by holding your own Facebook fundraiser! Fundraisers run for two weeks after your birthday and Interface receives 100% of the donations raised! Follow us on Facebook to make us your birthday charity of choice! 

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