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Interface Children & Family Services offers three areas of Justice Services: Interface Reentry Services, The CORE Connection Partnership, and LIFT.

Interface Reentry Services

Interface Reentry Services are provided to Probation-referred adult clients county-wide. This program is the first Pay for Success project in Ventura and is one of three Pay for Success projects supported by the California Board of State and Community Corrections.

This project is designed with the objectives of promoting family stability and economic opportunity for those on formal probation while improving public safety and reducing recidivism. Many services are available to both client and immediate family members. Individuals gain access to services that support them in leading healthy and productive lives. All services are free of charge, individualized to meet the client’s needs and offered at convenient locations throughout Ventura County.

The CORE Connection Partnership

The Core Connection Partnership is a collaborative of community-based agencies with the shared goal of providing necessary and appropriate services to the AB109 population in Ventura County. The mission of the Core Connection Partnership is to remove barriers, increase awareness, and provide community supports for individuals who have been incarcerated in order to promote successful reintegration and reduce recidivism.

Through a contract with the Ventura County Probation Agency, Interface’s Core Team acts as the “backbone” in the collaborative. The Core Team at Interface Children & Family Services administers contracts with several community-based agencies in Ventura County to provide services to AB109 clients. Services consist of evidence-based practices including Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT), field-based Case Management, Family Services, and Parenting, Trauma Treatment, Sober Living beds, and Restorative Justice Groups.

LIFT (Lead. Inspire. Focus. Transform.)

The Youth LIFT Partnership program is aimed at diverting youth from initial or subsequent contact with the juvenile justice system using approaches that are evidence-based, culturally relevant, trauma-informed, and developmentally appropriate. This program will be used to target underserved communities in the Oxnard area in partnership with the Oxnard Police Department. The goal of the project is to provide diversion and alternative-sanction programs, offer mentoring, mental health services and case management to support linkage to community resources, academic- and vocational-education services, and behavioral health services. Coming Fall 2020

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