Remembering Ted England

Thoughts provided by Kate McLean, Interface founding Executive Director

Ted England was an original member of the Board of Directors of Interface in 1973.  He remained an active member for several decades, accumulating more years of service to Interface than anyone else. After Ted left his formal board position, he continued to be a staunch supporter, advocate and friend of Interface. Ted was the kind of board member that all nonprofits wish for.

He was not just a name on Interface’s letterhead.  He was always there with a helpful thought, offering resources and solutions to serious community problems we would be grappling with at the time. He was always collaborative, never confrontational and great at considering all perspectives. As a result, one of his kindnesses included having the Board of Directors meet in his conference room at his law offices in the Tower at the Oxnard Financial Plaza for most of the 1980’s. This provided a professional setting and helped Interface grow into the professional organization it is today.

I recall one time Ted hobbled into a Board meeting.  We were so impressed that he actually came to the meeting when he was obviously in pain.  He told us how he had slid into second base in one of his beloved softball games and ruptured his achilles tendon.  As he recounted the story of the slide, we were never sure whether he was in more pain from the slide or his recounting was more about pride for how good the slide was! Ted was a unique board member and friend and will be sorely missed.

His legacy is one that includes hard work and a commitment to Interface that will live on and should serve as an inspiration to us all.

Special note: Interface is grateful for Ted’s decision to have Interface  benefit from his commitment during his vibrant life and providing a legacy gift that will continue to positively impact children and families!