National Runaway Prevention Month

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– Interface’s Street Outreach Program is making a deep impact in preventing runaway and homeless youth. Join me in supporting Interface by finding out more about their life-saving work in the community here:

– November is National Runaway Prevention Month. Join me in the fight to prevent youth homelessness by finding out more about Interface’s impact on community members in need or donate to the organization here:

– According to the Ventura County Office of Education, in 2018, 5,291 students were temporarily doubled up or at-risk of homelessness. 538, or 10% of them, met the federal definition of homelessness. This is why I support Interface Children & Family Services’ youth crisis work and shelter for runaway teens. You can find out more about National Runaway Prevention Month and Interface’s programs here:

– Up to 40% of homeless youth identify as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, or Questioning (GLBTQ). National Runaway Prevention Month aims to raise awareness so that organizations like Interface Children & Family Services can reduce these numbers in our community. You can find out more about Interface’s impact on community youth in need or donate to the organization here:

I pledge to shine a light on runaway and homeless youth this month! Interface’s youth crisis and homeless services program is preventing youth from running away and facing the harsh realities of living on the street, couch surfing, or risking being trafficked. Find out more about this program here:


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