Interface’s Annual What IF? Fund

Interface knows how to help people heal from tragedy, abuse, violence. It’s what we’ve done for decades, and it’s what we continue to do, for Borderline shooting survivors, for those devastated by fires, and for other survivors, too. Survivors of human trafficking, domestic violence, child abuse – like those we’ve served for years with your annual support.

Client Spotlight

Michelle’s Story:“Michelle” was sold as a teenager, by her family, to a gang to pay off a narcotics debt. The gang housed her in a brothel, where she was forced to engage in commercial sex acts, known as sex trafficking. The traffickers physically assaulted her on a regular basis to make her afraid, so she wouldn’t try to escape. And it worked – for nearly 30 years. Until the day they injured her so badly she needed medical attention. Her captors refused her access to it. At last, Michelle escaped. She got the medical treatment she needed. She changed her name, so her traffickers wouldn’t find her. And she met a survivor advocate who connected her with Interface. Here, she began healing through individual therapy and expressive art therapy. She reconnected with safe family members. Through supportive case management, she began that long road to recovery she is fighting for.

We share Michelle’s story in part because it is such a striking reminder of just how much people do survive, endure, and heal. We think it’s astounding that after 30 years of being assaulted and trafficked, Michelle is fighting her way back to the life she always deserved. Interface was ready to help Michelle, to support her in her personal struggle to regain a life for herself – and that’s only possible because of you.

Normally year-end is a time of year we can count on you. Right now, there are a whole lot of people in our community fighting their way back to life. We want to be ready for them. And for that, we need you. More than ever. They can’t do it alone and neither can Interface.

Please consider renewing your annual support today. We won’t let those teetering on the brink fall. We know you won’t either. Thank you for your support.


Erik Sternad, Executive Director
Interface Children & Family Services

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