Lighthouse Project

Description of project / program

The Lighthouse Project aims to build capacity to support foreign nationals who have experienced labor trafficking within the Central Coast region of California. The project has three main goals: identification and outreach, public awareness, and case management. The Lighthouse Project serves adult foreign nationals who have experienced labor trafficking or are at risk of experiencing labor trafficking along the Central Coast of California, including Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, San Luis Obispo County, and Monterey County.

Services offered to individuals who have experienced labor trafficking include:

  • Comprehensive, client-centered and culturally responsive case management services.
  • Financial assistance for qualifying individuals.
  • Individualized service needs through a network of community-based organizations and agencies across the Central Coast.

There is an array of services that are provided and offered to victims and survivors of human trafficking both adults and minors under the task force (please see Survivor Services). The task force provides services that are trauma informed, victim centered and culturally responsive, ensuring that survivors are respected, heard, and met where they are using the Cycle of Change approach.

An HT 101 training on Labor Trafficking is also available to provide specific information and resources for professionals and for the community. For more information, please contact