Survivor Services

Description of project / program

The Survivor Services program within Interface Children & Family Services includes two confidential shelters, HEART and (Men’s shelter name), as well as community-based advocacy available to single adult survivors of both sex and/or labor trafficking.

The voluntary programs welcome individuals of any gender, race, or ethnicity and strive to provide the most culturally responsive approaches. Designed to meet survivors where they are in their recovery and healing process, the Survivor Services program offers a wide range of services including housing navigation, basic needs, mental health therapy, case management, and much more.

The communal living shelters offer a safe and supportive environment to begin healing from trauma and to work towards reclaiming independence. Our two shelters are HEART (Helping to End Address and Respond to Trafficking) Women’s Shelter and _____ Men’s Shelter. The shelter programs offer in-person support and advocacy to help each survivor establish safety, work towards healing from their trauma and achieve self-sufficiency. While at shelter, survivors are provided with emotional support, case management, life skills building, job coaching, and access to therapy services such as individual counseling, and group therapy. The program enables survivors to begin the healing process from their trauma, become empowered, build upon life skills, become autonomous, and reintegrate into the community with the skills to thrive. Admission is based on safety, current needs, and availability.

Survivors interested in services without immediate housing needs can still become a client through our community-based advocacy program. Clients Advocates will work with both shelter and community-based clients to achieve client-identified goals including safety, financial independence, and long-term stability.


Our 24/7 Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking hotline is available to adult victims of sex and labor trafficking as well as concerned loved ones, community members and services providers.

24-Hour Domestic Violence & Human Trafficking Line: