What is PACT? Parent and Child Together (PACT) early learning program provides an opportunity for parents/caregivers to engage in structured and unstructured play with their young children with the support of a teacher who models developmentally appropriate parenting techniques and provides education and coaching. Additionally, PACT is a place for families to meet other families, get connected to resources in the community, and receive help accessing additional, more intensive services they may need.

Why is PACT Important? A growing body of research points to the important role parents and other caregivers play in supporting a young child’s brain development. 90% of a child’s brain development happens before age 5. Through positive interactions, a baby’s brain architecture is formed, laying the foundation for future learning and development.

To learn more information about PACT classes, please fill out an interest form or call:

  • East county: 805-638-7868
  • Oxnard Plains: 805-512-0220
  • West County: 805-340-9608)

PACT Program Goals.

Our identified PACT program goals are to:

  • Promote positive parent/caregiver interaction and play
  • Promote parent/caregiver knowledge of child development
  • Promote early literacy and school readiness
  • Promote children’s social/emotional development
  • Promote parent/caregiver social/community connect and connection to resources
PACT Class Calendars