Teacher Jhoelle reads “Bunny Eats Lunch” on Facebook Live.

Teacher Claudia reads “Frida” during Facebook Live evening series Brush Book Bed.

Teacher Ezra sings “Itsy Bitsy Spider” on Facebook Live.

Online Learning for Parents and Children Ages 0-5

Parent and Child Together (PACT) classes have been a staple in Ventura County for the past 20 years and we, at First 5 Neighborhoods for Learning powered by Interface, have re-structured our Parent and Child Together (PACT) classes to enjoy while at home.

Our online programs continue to bring a high-quality, teacher-led educational experience for children 0-5 years. Our programs are accessed through Zoom, Facebook and ClassDojo in the safety of your home.

  • Parent and Child Together Activities- Daily 30 minute live interactive activities for parents and children (i.e. music and movement, fingerplays, Storytime, yoga, art and more).
  • Parent Education Groups- Take the time to learn about tips and techniques about your child’s development. We would love to know what you want to learn about and plan a group.
  • Parent Advisory Groups- Parents know what is best for their children. Take the time to become a leader for your child, family and community.

  • Facebook LIVE- Daily 10-15-minute Storytime, Songs and Activities for your child available at:
  • Facebook Nighttime- Nightly videos by a professional early childhood professional on the importance of the brush, book, bed routine!

  • ClassDojo- Activities, parenting tips and resources through photos, videos, and messages available to access 24/7!

Traditionally, preschool and kindergarten are seen as the start of a child’s “formal” education, however you are his or her first – and most important – teacher. Luckily, you don’t need a lesson plan – every game of peek-a-boo, as simple as it sounds, can be a learning moment. New parents may not feel they are equipped to fill their child’s day with educational moments such as these. Of course, talking, reading, and singing together are still easy, free activities always available for you to do with your child – but coming up with new ways to engage in these activities can be a challenge when you’re home all day with your child while balancing work or other obligations.