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COVID-19 has exposed many of the vulnerable populations of our county and our country. Interface continues its commitment to serving all members of our community, and we are actively working to distribute current and correct information throughout the state. Read the VC Star’s important articles above on getting the best information on our county’s state amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
Interface’s 211 calling center has become more important than ever. The spread of vital resources and information is integral to keeping Ventura County and beyond safe and healthy.
If you have any questions regarding COVID-19 please call 2-1-1 or text “coronavirus” to 211211.

A Message from Executive Director, Erik Sternad

In light of the recent outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus) in the US, we’ve been in touch with Ventura County Public Health and the County CEO’s office, as they lead our county’s response to this fast-changing situation. You’re likely following the news on COVID-19 both locally and nationally. As we are all encouraged to take precautionary measures with our physical health, Interface would like to remind the community of the importance of taking care of our mental health during this stressful time. The health and safety of our clients and colleagues is our top priority. We are urging our community to closely monitor their own bodies and emotions. While washing our hands is vital for keeping this virus from spreading, mental self-care needs to be prioritized as well. Self-care routines should be continued as normal or increased if you find yourself withdrawing emotionally. Be sure you are getting enough sleep, nutrition, water, and physical activity to boost both physical and mental health. Social distancing can have a hard impact on those who are energized by friends and family, so connect with others in different ways, for instance by FaceTiming.
Interface has implemented temporary policies to help protect those who are especially vulnerable to COVID-19. These policies are meant to not only protect Interface staff, but their families and clients. Interface is also looking at creative ways to interact with clients while maintaining social distancing.
This email is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. If you or someone you love is affected by anxiety, evidenced-based treatment can provide tailored strategies for your own unique situation.
With respect and compassion,

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