Child Abuse Awareness Month 2019

An estimated 1 in 7 children have experienced abuse and neglect in the past year in the U.S.

1 in 4 girls and 1 in 5 boys will be sexually assaulted before their 18th birthday. Together we can change these statistics to zero!

Join us through the month of April as we bring attention to the crisis of child abuse and neglect in our own community as well as around the world.

Interface is dedicated to helping prevent and fight child abuse. Here are all the lives we touched and differences we made on the front lines. See the impact that our team has made in partnership with youth and families….

¨ HELPED a young adult overcome multiple sexual abuse incidents and 

reach her goals of attending college and living independently

¨ HELPED a 10 year old girl manage anxiety and depressive symptoms in order to

be able to interact with her peers once again

¨ HELPED connect a child and parent to community resources to receive assistance in

helping the child with their day to day functioning

¨ HELPED a 16-year-old girl who witnessed a friend’s suicide to  eliminate nightmares and flashbacks

¨ HELPED a 10-year-old boy who witnessed DV between his parents

to make peace with the separation of his family

¨ HELPED a 13-year-old overcome sexual abuse by a relative’s ex-boyfriend

¨ HELPED a mother take back her power from her abusive husband to provide for her

children and keep them safe

¨ HELPED and encouraged a parent to learn patience, think before acting on anger

and use love based strategies to care for her children 

¨ HELPED a sexually abused 11 year old trust in her mother again

¨ HELPED siblings conquer negative thoughts and feelings by using a “magic rock”. They carry their “magic rock” and use to it to bring about positive feelings of happiness, love, and peace

¨ HELPED a mother gain understanding and empathy toward her 8-yr. old daughter while the daughter works through trauma of past abuse

¨ HELPED a mother and 3-year-old daughter heal from multiple abuses to embrace joy

¨ HELPED a mother whose child was sexually abused feel at ease about her son receiving therapy services 

¨ HELPED a grieving parent who lost her partner to suicide enroll her child in services

Learn more about how Interface Children & Family Services works to help prevent child abuse and neglect, educate our community to recognize the signs, and intervene to help children and families at risk.

Then make a donation to help fund our critical child abuse prevention and intervention
programs.  And be sure to join us in wearing blue on Thursday, April 18 to show your support for keeping our community’s children safe and thriving.

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