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Is YOUR relationship healthy or unhealthy?

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Healthy Relationship Quiz

What does Dating Violence look like?

Teen Dating Abuse Survivors

Abuse in Relationships: Would You Stop Yourself?

Is Domestic Violence being Glamorized in the Media?

What is Teen Dating Violence?

Definition: A pattern of behaviors used to obtain power and control over another person.

Types of Abuse

Physical -

Emotional -

Sexual -

Digital -

Source: National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence: Power and Control Wheel

Staying Safe

Are you or were you in a relationship that was hurtful? Here is an interactive safety plan from loveisrespect.org that can help you to stay safe.

Interactive Safety Planner

Places I can go for help

To speak with a peer counselor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

- Youth Crisis Hotline 24/7 805-469-5882

To speak with a domestic violence counselor:

- Family Violence Response Team Hotline 1-800-636-6738

Live Chat or Text with a peer counselor 24/7 at loveisrespect.org

Call the National Teen Dating Violence Hotline from any location:

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Download and Print:
Teen Power & Control Wheel (.pdf)
Teen Equality Wheel (.pdf)
Respect Pledge (.pdf)
Healthy Relationships Quiz (.pdf)
Teen Safety Plan (.pdf)
SOUND Relationships (.pdf)
Healthy HeartBEATS (.pdf)
Healthy Relationships Poster (.pdf)
Unhealthy Relationships Poster (.pdf)


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